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/jäb/ /sərCH/
Definition: To put yourself through perl and judgement with long commutes for an extended amount of time at no pay.
Synonyms: fuck this shit
If the above isn't you, you probably haven't gotten turned down after 3 months of interviewing with multiple final rounds. The truth is, you are probably doing just one thing wrong and people aren't telling you what that is. Because a generalized answer is always the "least painful" way to communicate bad news.
We are here to help you get results with recruiters.
  • Resumes
  • Cover & Thank You Letters
  • Brutally Honest Mock Interview


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Resume Workshop

You need a resume that makes you GLOW!

  • Lite Package: Resume Review and Updates
  • Pro Package: Google Hangouts consultation call to get your resume written for you, from scratch. 
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Cover & Thank You Letters

Need a cover letter that gets both feet in the door? How about personalized Thank You notes that truly gleam?

  • Cover Letter: Google Hangouts consultation to figure out your goal and we'll handle the writing!
  • Thank You Notes: Google Hangouts to consultation to discuss your interview and how you made it unique. We'll handle the writing!
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Mock Interview

You didn't get the job because you weren't a culture fit?  You've heard it before. Set up a 20 minute interview with recruiter plus a 10 minute QA to get brutally honest feedback and tips!

Mock Interview: 30 minute Google Hangouts call!


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