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Is your career fucked up? Unfired is here to help whether you've gotten fired, laid-off or you are making a career pivot.


After flip-flopping and creating the horrific "jumpy" resume, I was certain I was unemployable. IT WAS SO SCARY! However, after absorbing content of some of the greatest "LinkedIn" influencers, I realized I'm actually in charge of my career- so are you. Fueled by hustle, persistence and optimism I finally landed my exact target job- a technical recruiting role! Leveraging the experience of reading well over 10,000 resumes, I'm excited to teach you how dominate the interview process with recruiters and large HR teams.

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Millie's Story

Fun college major = hard ass job search.

Millie studied Film and Digital Media at Baylor University graduating in the top 12% of her major. She had a LOT of fun in college with her sorority and filmmaker friends. She had the energy of 3 people and worked 3 jobs on campus, graduated with 4 extra credits, and also was cum laude, BABY!

-> -> Fast forward to New York, she struggled for 2 years trying to start a career.  She realized there is no such thing as a career path. More of a "career hot mess" filled with risks, close calls and yes, being fired. Millie was really fortune to land an admin job at a recruiting agency and find out her call was in recruiting. While there, she realized that a TON of people are really stuck in their job search.  They didn't have the perfect qualifying experience to work with recruiters to get advice.  Then this idea was born. It's time to change how people like you and I find jobs!

~ written in the 3rd person with love by Millie <3

Meet the Team

We have a team of experts to help you take control of your job search. Most of us are still unemployed, but we are really cute!

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Millie Black


Millie wrote this website instead of starting an internet fight. Give her a high five!



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